About Spekollektivet

Will I have my own room?
Yes, unless you decide to share a room with someone else.

For how long can I live there?
There’s no limit, but we generally expect people to stay 3 to 12 months.

How much does it cost to live in Spelkollektivet?
For information about packages and prices, click here!

What do the rooms look like?
For information and photos of the rooms, click here!

Do I have to work with game development?
In general, our target audience is people working within the game development area, but we do not require it to be your main profession.

How will you choose whom will get to live there? 
There is, of course, a limited number of rooms, so we might not be able to house everyone that applies. We seek to get a good mix of people and game development skills living with us.

Can I bring my life partner?
Yes, and there is not a requirement that your life partner has to work with game development.

How do you handle food preferences and/or allergies?
First and foremost, we try to plan the meals to be suitable for as many as possible and if we can not make it work for everyone we will make separate dishes.

Where is the house located?
The house is located in Småland, Sweden. It is roughly 30 minutes north of Karlshamn.

When will I be able to move in?
As soon as there is a room available for you.

How many people will be living at Spelkollektivet?
We estimate somewhere between 8 to 12 inhabitants initially, depending on if people will share rooms. With time we will continue to develop the house to allow for additional occupants. Occasionally, there will be more people in the house since we are hosting game jams and other events. But, your room is your private area, at all times.

Is Spelkollektivet like a reality game show such as Big Brother?

About living in Sweden

Are there chips/crisps in Sweden?
Yes, we even have a special holiday for it. Every Friday.

Are there polar bears in Sweden?
Yes, at the zoo in Orsa you can see polar bears.

How is the climate in Sweden?
In the north of Sweden we have polar climate with a lack of warm summers. Spelkollektivet however, is in the south of Sweden. Here are the average temperatures at our location sorted by month:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Yearly average
Celsius -0.9 -1.0 1.4 5.4 10.6 14.9 16.3 15.7 12.2 8.3 4.0 0.7 7.3
Fahrenheit 30.4 30.2 34.5 41.7 51.1 58.8 61.3 60.3 54.0 46.9 39.2 33.3 45.1