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Welcome to Spelkollektivet

Spelkollektivet is a co-living space with a variety of services included for game developers from all over the world who want to pursue their dreams while living with like-minded people.

While living here, you don't have to deal with everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning. You just focus on your health and your projects.

Everything is included in the rent - breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedroom, office space, internet, electricity, furniture, and consumables such as shower gel and laundry detergent.

You'll be sharing the experience with other awesome game developers from all over the world. And, even though you might work alone, we're still a big team that always has each other's backs.

With 2 400 square metres and more than 30 game developers from all over the world living in the house, Spelkollektivet is the world's largest co-living & co-working space for game developers.


Spelkollektivet is located in a small village in Sweden with only 950 inhabitants. The address to us is Gamla Vägen 12, 362 51 Väckelsång, Sweden.

Our mission

The primary goal of Spelkollektivet is to create a small society based on interests and hobbies, which transcends nationalities and cultures. While doing that, we're helping our guests by offering affordable living and a ton of services to help them fulfill their game development dreams. We offer as low rents as we can and we reinvest it to make the experience better for our residents.

Origin story

The first ideas for Spelkollektivet were written down back in 2014 by James Newnorth, who wanted to create a small society based on interests and hobbies. James saw a big financial benefit for the people who'd living there, since there's a lot of financial overhead living alone in a bigger city. Later in early 2016, James started to look for a suitable house to make his dream a reality. Unfortunately, all the houses James visited turned out to be either too small, required too much renovation or were too expensive. Out of nowhere came good news, as James was trying to rent a house for an event; they wanted to sell it.

It was the perfect house for the project. as it was both big, affordable and located in a sparsely populated area in southern Sweden. Although there were no investors or financing from the bank available, James managed to convince the owner to rent it out to them with the promise to buy it later. In the spring of 2017, contracts were signed and James posted the announcement of the project on Facebook. A week later there were enough applications to fill up the house for two years to come. This was a happy surprise because we didn't anticipate to have the house filled before the project's first year had passed.

The business was up and running 1st September 2017 and people moved in from Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden and USA. Later in 2018, we realized expanding is needed in order to provide more & better services. Thanks to a good connection with the municipality and politicians, who saw the potential of our company and what good it could do for the community, we started making new plans for our expansion. 2019 now marks the start of a new chapter. Thanks to the support of the municipality and the politicians, we got a new house with over 2000sqm and can now host up to 80 game developers at a time.

Frequently asked questions

Will I have my own room?

Yes, unless you decide to share a room with someone else.

How much does it cost to live in Spelkollektivet?

For information about packages and prices, click here!

Do I have to work with game development?

In general, our target audience is people working within the game development area, but we do not require it to be your main profession.

Can I bring my life partner?

Yes, and there is not a requirement that your life partner has to work with game development.

How do you handle food preferences and/or allergies?

First and foremost, we try to plan the meals to be suitable for as many as possible and if we can not make it work for everyone we make separate dishes.

When will I be able to move in?

As soon as there is a room available for you.

Is Spelkollektivet like a reality show such as Big Brother?


Are there polar bears in Sweden?

Yes, at the zoo in Orsa you can see polar bears.

How is the climate in Sweden?

It's nice. Check out the weather averages here if you don't believe me.

I need a invitation letter for my Visa, do you provide that?

Yes we do, once the contract is signed you can let us know that you need an invitation letter.

Do I have to surrender my passport to you when arriving?

No, you keep track of your own personal belongings.

For how long can I live there?

There's no limit, but we generally expect people to stay from 1 week to 12 months.

What do the rooms look like?

For information and photos of the rooms, click here!

How will you choose whom will get to live there?

There is, of course, a limited number of rooms, so we might not be able to house everyone that applies. We seek to get a good mix of people and game development skills living with us.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, if you rent one of our apartment solutions where you have your own entrance from the outside.

Where is the house located?

The house is located in Kronoberg County in southern Sweden (relatively). It is roughly 25 minutes south of Växjö and 45 minutes north of Karlshamn.

How many people will be living at Spelkollektivet?

We have rooms for up to 80 people depending on if people share rooms. Occasionally, there will be more people in the house since we are hosting game jams and other events. But your room is your private area, at all times.

Are there chips/crisps in Sweden?

Yes, we even have a special holiday for it. Every Friday.

Is the internet usage limited?

No, use as much of it as you'd like as long as you're not doing anything illegal or effecting the internet speed too much for others, we have 3x 500/500 Mbit/s fiber connections so it should be fine.

Which airport should I fly to?

We recommend travelling to us via Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. From the airport you then take a train to Växjö, and there a bus to Väckelsång. You can always ask us for help and directions on booking your travel.

Media coverage

2018-10-20, Game Quarter

"Vele van ons hebben er wel eens van gedroomd: gamedeveloper worden. Maar voor de meeste blijft het daarbij. Niet enkel is het maken van videogames best wel pittig, maar velen weten zelfs na het voltooien van een opleiding niet goed waar te beginnen. In Zweden werd daarom Spelkollektivet opgericht."
"Many of us have dreamed of becoming a game developer and for most of us it remains a dream. Not only is making videogames pretty tough, but many even after completing an education do not know where to start. That is why Spelkollektivet was founded in Sweden."

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2018-10-20, The Indie Toaster

"After years of planning, the team at Spelkollektivet unveiled the world’s largest co-living and co-working space for indie game developers. Thanks to the support of the Swedish government, the start-up is planning to host up to 80 people at a time in the heart of Southern Sweden. The project was originally born in 2014 and relies on cooperation among its participants as well as state funding to survive."

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2018-10-05, Smålandsposten

"Spelkollektivet har tagit sitt pick och pack och flyttat in i Attendos gamla lokaler i Väckelsång."
"Spelkollektivet has packed up and moved to Attendo's old premises in Väckelsång."

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2018-09-20, Sveriges Radio

"Spelkollektivet i Fridafors har länge velat ha nya lokaler för att kunna växa. Nu gör det det och lämnar därmed Fridafors för större lokaler i Väckelsång."
"Spelkollektivet in Fridafors has long wanted new premises to be able to grow. Now they are doing it and are thus leaving Fridafors for bigger premises in Väckelsång."

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2018-09-05, Extraliv Podcast

"I det här avsnittet av Extraliv får vi höra historier om hur spelare och spelutvecklare valt att isolera sig för att uppnå sina drömmar och vilka möjligheter och konsekvenser det lett till."
"In this episode of Extraliv we got to hear histories about how gamers and game developers chosen to isolate themselves to achieve their dreams and what opportunities and consequenses it has lead to."

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2018-07-30, Dagens Industri

"I en gammal skola mitt ute i skogen samlas spelutvecklare från hela världen för att skapa, samarbeta och ta en paus från sina jobb på speljättarna."
"In an old school in the middle of the woods game developers from the whole world gather to create, collaborate and take a break from their jobs at the industry giants."

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2018-04-25, Spelskaparna

"I veckans avsnitt av Spelskaparna får ni höra om Spelkollektivet som ligger i den lilla småländska byn Fridafors. Här i skogen samlas folk från hela världen för att uppfylla sina drömmar att göra spel. Som boende får man mat lagad till sig och tillgång till gym, jacuzzi och kontorsplats."
"In this weeks episode of Spelskaparna you will get to hear about Spelkollektivet that is located in the small village Fridafors. Here in the woods people gather from all over the world to achieve their dreams to make games. As a resident you get food prepared and access to gym, jacuzzi and office space."

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2018-04-24, Blekinge Läns Tidning

"Fridafors växer med Spelkollektivet"
"Fridafors grows with Spelkollektivet"

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2018-04-04, Sveriges Radio

"Spelkollektivet i Fridafors söder om Ryd planerar att växa kraftigt. I dag jobbar tio spelutvecklare i kollektivet, men nu vill de växa till 60 utvecklare. I Fridafors bor under 200 invånare."
"Spelkollektivet in Fridafors south of Ryd is planning to grow heavily. Today 10 game developers works in the collective, but now they want to grow to 60 game developers. In Fridafors there is less than 200 inhabitants."

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2018-03-29, Smålandsposten

"De bildar spelmecka på landsbygden"
"They are creating a game mecka in an rural area"

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2018-03-01, Firestarter Community Magazine #3

"What is there in Fridafors except Spelkollektivet? Nothing."

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2017-12-23, Smålandsposten

"Fridafors ett mecka för spelutvecklare"
"Fridafors a mecka for game developers"

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2017-06-30, Sveriges Radio

"Om några månader kommer kanske framtidens spel att skapas i Fridafors. I den gamla skolan hyr ett gäng ut rum till spelutvecklare i hela världen i något som de kallar för Spelkollektivet."
"In a few months the future games might be created in Fridafors. In the old school a group is renting out rooms to game developers from all over the world in something the call Spelkollektivet."

View article


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