Josef Attenberger

Josef Attenberger

Josef is an enthusiastic project manager from Germany.

He started his career in the games industry in Ireland in 2010, where he worked as a Game Master for Blizzard Entertainment. To learn and grow, he left the company and went back to Germany in order to study game design. During his studies, the games he and his fellow students worked on earned several prizes. After successfully earning his B.S. he joined a game studio in Slovakia, where he worked as a Project Manager.

Not too long ago, he and his girlfriend started the company DU&I together. Josef is using the time and freedom at Spelkollektivet to focus on the games he’s currently working on.


Cubiverse takes you on an adventure through a vibrant galaxy of planets. Those planets’ structure is similar to the one of the well-known Magic Cube and has quite a number of brain twisters in stock for you. Everything builds up around rotation. You can twist a planet’s segment - and with it everything that is on top of them. Solve tricky puzzles, which get more challenging along the way. All that can be done with a single flick of your finger.

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Space Escape

Space Escape isn’t rocket science – it currently is just a small four player couch-co-op prototype for friends. Each player takes control of one of the four space ships, which each have different abilities. The goal of each stage is to protect the mothership against enemies and gain enough power to jump to the next stage.


The game revolves around a 6-colored-cube that the player has to move around a board in order to solve puzzles. Each color has a special ability which the player has to use to overcome obstacles. The primary goal of the team is to finish this small puzzler and have a published, completed project for the portfolio.