Simone Mändl

Simone Mändl

Simone is a Concept Designer and Art Director from Germany.

Simone worked as a media designer and level designer until she decided to study Game design at the Media Design School Munich in 2012. After learning the basics of creating games Simone specialized in game artwork. During her time at University she worked as art director on four student game projects. Simone finished her Game Design education in April 2016 with a Bachelors Degree. During and after University, Simone worked as a Graphic Designer, before becoming a Freelance Concept Artist in April 2014.

Currently Simone is working on multiple game projects for clients as Art Director and Concept Designer. Furthermore she’s working on her own small indie games together with her partner Josef under the name “DU&I”.


Cubiverse takes you on an adventure through a vibrant galaxy of planets. Those planets’ structure is similar to the one of the well-known Magic Cube and has quite a number of brain twisters in stock for you. Everything builds up around rotation. You can twist a planet’s segment - and with it everything that is on top of them. Solve tricky puzzles, which get more challenging along the way. All that can be done with a single flick of your finger.

Cubiverse's offical Facebook page

Space Escape

Space Escape isn’t rocket science – it currently is just a small four player couch-co-op prototype for friends. Each player takes control of one of the four space ships, which each have different abilities. The goal of each stage is to protect the mothership against enemies and gain enough power to jump to the next stage.


The game revolves around a 6-colored-cube that the player has to move around a board in order to solve puzzles. Each color has a special ability which the player has to use to overcome obstacles. The primary goal of the team is to finish this small puzzler and have a published, completed project for the portfolio.


Together with an international team, Simone is working on the prototype of a game called “Atomech, broken Phalanx”. The Game is a 2D sidescroller multiplayer experience, set in a post apocalyptic future. Currently the style of the game, the first level and the world are being developed.


Starting in April 2017, Simone slowly wanted to build up a Youtube channel, documenting her adventures as freelance artist in the form of vlogs, tutorials, speed drawings or just simple life update videos.

Simone's offical YouTube channel