Zack Wood

Zack Wood

Zack Wood is from the US but lived in Japan for four years and is currently based in Berlin, working as a translator of Japanese video games.

He’s been making games since 2011 when he and a friend successfully funded Cafe Murder, one of the first video game projects on Kickstarter. Since then he’s made numerous prototypes at game jams as well as freelance games for clients. However, since he’s usually responsible for graphics and game design, Monster Garden is the first time he’s done both programming and graphics, with two audio designer friends assisting with sound.

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Monster Garden

Zack started Monster Garden in December of 2015, and his goal during his three months at Spelkollektivet is to finish it completely, for a total development time of almost exactly two years. Monster Garden will be released in February 2018 for PC and Mac through and Steam.

Monster Garden is a mysterious and unusual game where the player walks around, encounters strange entities, and befriends monsters. It’s short (20-40 minutes), but it changes depending on how you play. You'll have to play through more than once to meet all 15 monsters and discover all the garden's secrets!

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