Welcome to Spelkollektivet

A co-living space for game developers from all over the world.

Origin story

The first ideas for Spelkollektivet were written down back in 2014 by James Newnorth, who wanted to create a small society based on interests and hobbies. James saw a big financial benefit for the people who'd living there, since there's a lot of financial overhead living alone in a bigger city. Later in early 2016, James started to look for a suitable house to make his dream a reality. Unfortunately, all the houses James visited turned out to be either too small, required too much renovation or were too expensive. Out of nowhere came good news, as James was trying to rent a house for an event; they wanted to sell it.

It was the perfect house for the project. as it was both big, affordable and located in a sparsely populated area in southern Sweden. Although there were no investors or financing from the bank available, James managed to convince the owner to rent it out to them with the promise to buy it later. In the spring of 2017, contracts were signed and James posted the announcement of the project on Facebook. A week later there were enough applications to fill up the house for two years to come. This was a happy surprise because we didn't anticipate to have the house filled before the project's first year had passed.

The business was up and running 1st September 2017 and people moved in from Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden and USA. Later in 2018, we realized expanding is needed in order to provide more & better services. Thanks to a good connection with the municipality and politicians, who saw the potential of our company and what good it could do for the community, we started making new plans for our expansion. 2019 now marks the start of a new chapter. Thanks to the support of the municipality and the politicians, we got a new house with over 2000sqm and can now host up to 80 game developers at a time.

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