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A co-living space for game developers from all over the world.

Everything's included

Everything is included in the rent - breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedroom, office space, internet, electricity, furniture, and consumables such as shower gel and laundry detergent.

Shared experience

You'll be sharing the experience with other awesome game developers from all over the world. And, even though you might work alone, we're still a big team that always has each other's backs.

The world's largest

With 2 400 square metres and more than 40 game developers from all over the world living in the house, Spelkollektivet is the world's largest co-living & co-working space for game developers.

Short & simple application process

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What surprised you about Spelkollektivet?

That it is as good as it sounds. It has great accommodation and amenities, the food is fantastic and the people are all inspiring and amazing.

How did your stay at Spelkollektivet help you?

It helped us finish our game! On time, even! That's quite rare nowadays. It also helped forge new contacts and friendships.

What did you enjoy about Spelkollektivet?

The people, the food, the nature, well, everything that it offers. The activities are super fun as well, but since I'm an introvert I can always hide in my room if I don't want to attend and I won't be judged for that.

- Ott Madis Ozolit

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Death and Taxes -25% off in LudoNarraCon 2020 - Choice And Consequence Bundle!

Death and Taxes
Hi everyone! Oak here.

Everything is a blur because things happened so fast and it's a bit hard to catch up, but here we are!

Death and Taxes is part of the LudoNarraCon 2020's Choice and Consequence bundle!

As always, stay Grim! Check us out if you haven't yet, and do take a gander on the rest of the games too. If you already own Death & Taxes in the bundle, it will be cheaper to get the rest of the games, too!

Header art by ALAKA'I from our Discord! <3

[SPRING SALE -25%] & Development Update 14: April Fooled Me

Death and Taxes
Hi fellow Grims!

Oak here. So we're off to an interesting month. Or life in general. But fret not, dear friends, colleagues and Grims - this too shall pass. I hope you're all safe and sound, and that you are finding solace in games like I am.

But enough of that. What's been up with Death and Taxes lately? Well, we're still doing stuff! We're currently in talks still with a publisher about potential porting of the game to the Nintendo Switch and also about translation possibilities. We are already underway with translating it to Traditional Chinese, thanks to a lovely group of people who approached us with an idea to do so. I've mentioned this a couple of times before, but since then, some more steps have materialized and this plan is actually being executed now!

In other news, since it's spring, and as it is the season of life, there is also a good excuse to have a sale! That means Death and Taxes is -25% off right now until the 20th of April! Grab it if you haven't yet, and tell your friends.

Additionally, yesterday, I wrote a ginormous post (part 2) about why we decided to have a demo for Death and Taxes in the first place, and why it's a good idea in our opinion to have free demos for games. If you're interested, head over to reddit to read the post!

Leene and I are otherwise currently busy at work, mostly figuring out what to do next, with Death and Taxes and generally. We've been doing some stuff and prototyping things to see where we could go. One of those ideas materialized at a recent game jam! You can check out a playthrough of that on YouTube.

Aaaand I think that's it for now!

I hope you're all okay and.. see you again soon!

Much love,

-Death and Taxes

Development Update 13: Death and Taxes codebase going Open Source!

Death and Taxes
Hi everyone. I'm Oak, and I did the coding for Death and Taxes, a game that released about a month ago. It was developed over the years by various people, but a final team of 10 people got the game out of the gate on 20th of February this year (2020, in case you have trouble remembering which year is it, like I do).

One of my wishes, when joining the team, was to eventually release the entire codebase of the game as open source. Which I'm doing today, and you can find it on github [[url=https://github.com/oakwarrior/DeathAndTaxes]link[/url]].

By now you're probably thinking: why? So... Why? Why indeed...

Ever since I started coding, I have absolutely loved open source stuff. I realize that releasing *only* the codebase is not exactly true in verbatim to the principles of FOSS stuff, but this is a deliberate decision. Making the code open source is fine by us, but making the art and other such assets is not. I won't go too much into detail to avoid opening a weird legal/ethical/whatever can of worms.

That being said - we're not afraid that people would copy the game or whatnot. The game has already been made, is shipped, has sold pretty well (26k copies at time of writing! Woop! THANK YOU <3) and hell.. if you're inspired by it... go for it! Make games! MAKE ALL THE GAMES! And make them well. We need more good games that respect our players' time, capability and intelligence.

When I was learning how to "maek gaem", resources were few and far in-between. Most of my experience came from being able to learn from my coworkers and having a diligent presence online, assimilating knowledge where I could. Bear in mind that I've mostly done coding, and this is what I focused on at the time.

Resources which I sorely missed were concrete, specific and (most importantly) helpful examples of real-world applications of coding principles, workarounds, hacks, engine-specific behaviour, et cetera. The most helpful places were, for example, the Unity Answer Hub, Stack Overflow, the Unreal Developers' Network... they all, at best, offered a window to see how people actually implement stuff. I am a firm believer that it is usually more efficient to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than just people having to make the same mistakes over and over again due to lack of reliable information.

And this leads me to the (incredibly winding and convoluted, sorry) answer to why we're releasing the source code for our game. I want to provide something that people can learn from. Including myself. The code for Death and Taxes is by NO MEANS clean or even "good" (depends on what your standard is). But the most important thing is that the code worked. The game shipped, and the game worked.

The code is far from perfect, the game is far from perfect, but I hope that it's an example that people can go through and have even just a little bit of an insight into what goes into making a game. Hopefully it helps.

Good luck, and have fun!

Development Update 12: The First Week

Death and Taxes
Hi everyone!

Oak reporting in.

So the first week has been a DOOZY. We've been doing pretty well, mostly in bug-fix mode and just trying to handle the communication from the release. It's been hectic, to say the least. We've fixed most of the bugs with the release, and now v1.1.7 should be really, really stable.

We've had some issues with people losing progress, but this hole has now been plugged and hopefully the issue will not rear its ugly head again.

And the reception.. has been amazing. We've been doing much much better than we could have ever expected and the reviews here have been so inspiring to read. We've even been blessed to have actually constructive negative reviews, which is a plus! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write what they feel about the game! It's very rewarding to see... more than I can say. Thank you.

In addition, we've found and fixed some issues with missing/incorrect VO files and some platform specific issues. You have my eternal gratitude for being patient with us, and most importantly: thank you for reporting all the issues! It has helped me fix everything much faster than usual. I literally couldn't have done it without the help of the community here.

As for what's next for Death and Taxes? Well, we are considering localization! We also wish to port it over to Switch, if possible, so we're looking at what our options are in that regard. We already have a Traditional Chinese and German description on our Steam page, and if things go well, we will test out how localization works out for us quite soon :)

For now, that's it from me ^_^

Make sure to check out the sale if you're still on the fence about buying Death and Taxes. Next week I will probably talk about how we've performed and how our stats look! Spoiler: it's looking pretty good.

Much love!

Death and Taxes

PS: Banner is fan art by our community member Foxton <3

Death and Taxes is RELEASED!

Death and Taxes
Attention all Grims!

Death and Taxes is now available to purchase!

After months, years, of hard work and toil, we are finally here.

I only have one thing to say.

Thank you.

Thank you for everyone who has supported us in any way, for playing our game, for loving it, hating it, everything! We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful community! I hope you will all enjoy the game!

If you want to join the devs at their release party, we're streaming it live from Spelkollektivet[www.twitch.tv]​! Come have a chat! ^_^

Much love,

The Death and Taxes Team <3

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