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Welcome to Spelkollektivet

Spelkollektivet is a co-living space with a variety of services included for game developers from all over the world who want to pursue their dreams while living with like-minded people.

While living here, you don't have to deal with everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning. You just focus on your health and your projects.

Everything is included in the rent - breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedroom, office space, internet, electricity, furniture, and consumables such as shower gel and laundry detergent.

You'll be sharing the experience with other awesome game developers from all over the world. And, even though you might work alone, we're still a big team that always has each other's backs.

With 2 400 square metres and more than 30 game developers from all over the world living in the house, Spelkollektivet is the world's largest co-living & co-working space for game developers.


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